has tumblr gone too far?

studies show that yes. in every aspect.

Anonymous whispered: can you make those text post things but with damon?
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“I’m not gay, BUT, if I were Frankie would be my man” — Zach, from big brother 16, who just kissed Frankie’s back, and rubbed it, in the same bed together. (via dancingdeancasqueen)

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Stefan: It was a spell, showing us what we wanted to see.
Elena: We weren’t vampires, my parents were still alive. It was a fantasy, like a movie. It was the life that we never could have had.

 Auntie Bex telling to baby Hope the story of her family.

Rebekah in The Originals season 2 comic con trailer.
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Frash Appreciation Week: day seven - favorite episode | 1.04 Hearts and Minds

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FACT: If you start crying around man teachers they get really uncomfortable and give you higher grades.

Seven Days Of Frary
Day 4: Favorite Little Things 
             ↳ smiles and laughter


Misfortune favours the brave ones

I wonder what Taylor Swift’s new album is going to be about since she hasn’t dated anyone since 2012.


do you ever get jealous of other peoples speaking voices

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